Facebook offers endless opportunities, not just for people, but also for brands and companies, both large and small.

In Ghana there are almost 3 million Facebook users. The use of Facebook has also substantially changed the behaviour of users on the Internet, if before we used to look for information, now we have got used to receiving information. All this potential makes Facebook the social network par excellence for individuals and the greatest focus of attention for companies and brands.

  • Facebook Ads campaigns or Facebook for business 
    permit companies and brands to:
  • Segment the market and find potential clients for their services and products.

  • Create a community around their company.

  • Extend the reach of company communications and traffic to their websites.

  • Improve their organic optimization on search engines such as Google.

  • Create awareness and increase the notoriety of brands.

  • Create customer loyalty.

  • Undertake promotional and loyalty campaigns.

  • Add new customer service options and reduction in costs. Facebook is a great channel for after-sales services.

  • Achieve more sales.

Marketing on Facebook, as on all other social networks, requires a different approach from that of the off-line world. Companies must provide information of interest that offers added value such as new and entertaining content, special offers and coupons and novelties that will attract their target audience so that they may decide the take the next step and become a fan of their brand or company.

Marketing on Facebook, SEM in Ghana - GhanaOn
  • At GhanaOn:
  • We analyse the presence on Facebook of your brands and services or products and those of your competitors.

  • We design the strategy to follow and we develop the necessary tools.

  • We create and optimize your company profiles and pages.

  • We manage your advertising on Facebook, creating sponsored adverts and segmenting the target audience you are addressing and we implement other tools of external promotion in association with your activity on Facebook through Facebook Connect or Share.

  • We advise you on all types of posts, how to post and the frequency with which your company should be on Facebook. Or we handle them directly, creating a dynamic channel.

  • We advise you on how to manage interaction with followers.

  • Finally, we undertake statistical monitoring of the performance of your Facebook strategy for the purposes of implementing improvements in the strategy on an ongoing basis.


As part of the Facebook communication strategy, we programme Facebook applications for your interaction with the user. An example of a common Facebook application is the development of online shops within Facebook that enable the client to acquire your company’s products directly from Facebook without having to leave the social network.

  • We are registered as Facebook Developers

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    We make responsive websites optimized for mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets...)


    We can create multilanguage websites if you need to translate it to different languages


    Your project will be a SEO optimized website so it will be well positioned at searchers like Google


    You will be able to get a self-management website to change your contents by yourself but you can also leave it in our hands


    We will work hard to make a good web design for you, maintaining the corporate image of your company


    Because of our training and large experience, we will make for you an european quality standard website


    We know the importance of a safe website so we always take care of the security of our projects


    Because we like working for all sizes companies, we can offer you a reasonable price website addapting its cost to your budget

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