At GhanaOn we specialize in natural or organic optimization on Google and other search engines. Through this ongoing campaign we seek to position the client’s website amongst the top positions of the search engine in question for the chosen keyword or keyword chains. Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in the development of a website.

  • The optimization plans at GhanaOn for Google and other search engines are divided into the following phases:
  • In-depth analysis of your website and the websites of your competitors in terms of programming, optimization and content.

  • Analysis and study of keywords and phrases suggested by the client and those used by the competition. Choice of the keywords for optimization on Google on the basis of principal keywords and long tail application.

  • Optimization of the programming code on all of your website pages.

  • Control of visitor statistics for your website via Google Analytics.

  • Design of the most suitable Web 2.0 strategy.

  • Registration of your website with the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc).

  • Optimization.

  • Subsequent ongoing tracking and monitoring of your website.

One of the principal points for the successful optimization of a website is the correct programming of the website and its monitoring. This includes a multitude of technical parameters to be taken into account as part of the web programming. From contents in accordance with the services provided by the client, to the correct implementation of tags or the use of specific sitemaps in XML for Google.

Also key is maintaining the optimization work on an ongoing basis in order to achieve better positioning. The regular off-web optimization of the website for search engines, adjusting the website’s keywords.

As SEO experts, GhanaOn only optimizes websites in accordance with the recommendations of Google.

Your project will be a SEO optimized website so it will be well positioned at searchers like Google.

Web optimization on Google, SEO in Ghana - GhanaOn

How are our websites?
We work hard to get the best website for you

    We make responsive websites optimized for mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets...)


    We can create multilanguage websites if you need to translate it to different languages


    Your project will be a SEO optimized website so it will be well positioned at searchers like Google


    You will be able to get a self-management website to change your contents by yourself but you can also leave it in our hands


    We will work hard to make a good web design for you, maintaining the corporate image of your company


    Because of our training and large experience, we will make for you an european quality standard website


    We know the importance of a safe website so we always take care of the security of our projects


    Because we like working for all sizes companies, we can offer you a reasonable price website addapting its cost to your budget

GhanaOn Values
Our commitment to our customers is the key to success

Some of our web works
MySQL web development in GhanaPHP web development in GhanaW3C web development in GhanaHTML5 web development in GhanaJavaScript web development in GhanaCSS3 web development in GhanaGoogle web development in GhanaFacebook Developers in GhanaAdobe in Ghana

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