The creation of a website is a complex process. It’s not enough to design attractive websites, we must design websites that are fast, intuitive, easy to find and communicative, that attract and retain visitors and that, above all, fulfil the company’s objectives. Good web design is essential to ensuring your online marketing strategy works, whereas poor web design will ruin your credibility.
At GhanaOn we understand the creative process for your corporate website to be an integral process, which includes everything from web design through to its complete implementation, developing the technology necessary for the creation of the website. We want to be your online partner: trust us to create your web design in Ghana, Accra.

The importance of a good web design

The design process for your website is structured in the following phases:

1. Analysis

Consultancy, study and analysis of your business and objectives, as well as those of your competitors, to thereby define the online strategy that your company needs.

2. Message

Define the message it is sought to convey to implement the communicative elements necessary to the web design and the generation of your website contents.

3. Web design

Our graphic design team will create a proposal for your website according to your needs, using the look & feel it needs and always maintaining the corporate image of your company.

4. Redesign

You will check the first graphic proposal so you can analyse it and verify if it meets your goals. We can redesign or change the proposal of your website if you don’t like it.

5. Coding

Once you approve the graphic proposal, our website developers team will start programming it and working on its structure, database, search engine optimization and contents.

6. GO online

Finally, we monitor the entire process, advising and accompanying you in order to jointly achieve the very best results for your online presence and thereby fulfil your objectives.

7. Management

On the management of the website contents, we enable you to easily manage the contents of your website, such as news, products, services, etc. Or you can also leave it in our hands.

8. Online marketing

Our online marketing and social media team will maintain and optimize your website on the main search engines such as Google, making sure that it’s visible to your potential clients.

Web design in Ghana - GhanaOn
Web design in Ghana - GhanaOn

The importance of a good web design
Your website is your online Business

A good web design is an attractive design that maintains its own corporate style, combined with ease of use, which attracts clients and enables them to obtain the information they seek both quickly and easily. Obtaining a good web design, creative, clear and effective, is key to the online presence of your company. It will enable you to access new markets; increase sales; create brand image; set yourself apart from competitors, facilitating customer loyalty and the ability to converse with your clients.

There are so many options out there that allow you to build a quick website. However, it’s important to remember that just because someone can easily create a website, it doesn’t mean that it is a GOOD website.

Your website is your online Business. More people will potentially see your website than your physical location. A well-designed site will add more credibility to your business. Keep in mind that web users are more sophisticated now, and they want to be able to trust their business to a professional company. What better way of showing them that you are a serious business than having a clean looking and easy to navigate website?

A lot goes into a professionally designed website. Web pages should be designed so a person can read the content effectively. At the same time, content should be written to enable people to quickly identify and understand the information.

Another very important characteristic of a good website is having it be responsive or mobile optimized. What this means is that whenever a potential client visits your site from a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, they will be able to read and navigate through it without the hassle of having to zoom in and out!

Remember that your website is one of the most visible aspects of your company. It may be the difference between a potential customer doing business with you or going elsewhere. Your website is an extremely important part of your online marketing strategy and because of it, it’s where all your marketing activity is directed to …. make sure you make an impact!


How are our websites?
We work hard to get the best website for you

    We make responsive websites optimized for mobile devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets...)


    We can create multilanguage websites if you need to translate it to different languages


    Your project will be a SEO optimized website so it will be well positioned at searchers like Google


    You will be able to get a self-management website to change your contents by yourself but you can also leave it in our hands


    We will work hard to make a good web design for you, maintaining the corporate image of your company


    Because of our training and large experience, we will make for you an european quality standard website


    We know the importance of a safe website so we always take care of the security of our projects


    Because we like working for all sizes companies, we can offer you a reasonable price website addapting its cost to your budget

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